Monday, February 17, 2014

Day 13: Hangry

Hangry :Being so hungry you are angry
                   :Anger caused due to lack of eating
                     ~It is best to leave a person who is experiencing the state of hangry alone, as 
                        they are prone to irrational behavior and angry, uncalled for outbursts

So.... it's been a busy week. And you know how it is when you get busy. You slack off on other things, like keeping your room clean (it's a disaster), or writing blog posts (Ha!), or you know, feeding yourself. I'm one of those people who will get so busy they forget to eat. Combine that with not being able to just eat whatever is laying around, and you end up with one very hangry individual come 8 o'clock at night. 

Let me back track a moment. All this talk of being hangry makes it sound like I had a horrible day, which couldn't be further from the truth. In reality, I had an amazing day! Truly one of the best! I got to participate in an AMAZING photo shoot with my Tonergy partners. Seriously guys, it was incredible! My dear friend Marie, of Marie-Laurence Demers Photography  took the pictures for us, and I cannot express to you how incredibly gifted this girl is! I am so freaking lucky to call her my friend, her work is unreal! We had such a blast taking pictures! Afterwards I got to accompany Marie on another photo shoot, an engagement session with our old roommate and her fiance. It was a gorgeous shoot, they will have so many amazing pictures to choose from! So all in all great day. But then the hangry started to set in. 

Food wise, I was having a bad day. All I had had all day was berries and carrot sticks, stuff I could just grab on the go and not prepare. I was sick of it, and therefore sick of this Paleo nonsense. I wanted food. NOW! But I didn't have anything. I mean, I had ingredients, but to make something with them would require effort, and I was to the point where I was too hangry to put forth effort. I just kept staring at everything, willing the ingredients to pull a Beauty and the Beast moment and just make themselves. But they didn't. Jerks. I finally had to suck it up and get to work. (This is one of those times where it would have just been so much easier to have been born a witch and not a muggle. Dang you Hogwarts!)

I had decided the night before that I would try out a fish taco recipe, so I had tilapia thawing in the fridge. I was excited to try them, but geez, they were going to take a lot of effort! Ugh! I was just so done with it all! I was done with using all these weird expensive flours, and making these sad excuses of a substitute for other delicious foods. I was over having to make every little thing I ate, and I hated the smell of all these weird grain like, but not grain weird things I was making. I was just so DONE!!! 

But whatever, fine. I got to work. While there were a lot of variables to bringing it all together, it was actually a rather easy meal. Here is the recipe that inspired me. I changed the tacos themselves, but I did use the tortilla recipe, the fish recipe (but talapia instead of Mahi Mahi), and the cilantro mayo recipe (using this recipe to make Paleo mayo. Yeah, I made mayo. Words I never thought I'd utter!). Here's how it turned out:

Beautiful, right??
It was funny. I went from being completely and totally hangry to the nth degree one second, to being totally happy and in pure bliss the next! The moment I took a bite my taste buds squealed with joy, and I decided the weird smelling tortillas weren't half bad, and the filling was just plain a fiesta in my mouth. They were so good! So happy with how this all turned out! As you can see, I forgo-ed the mango bbq sauce that was in the original recipe, and I added a coleslaw. I mixed the cilantro mayo with a cabbage blend, and it worked out wonderfully! 
The whole time I ate these tacos (like 4 of them) I kept going through the ingredients in my head. How were these healthy? How could these nuggets of heaven really be good for me? There was just no way! To self: "Okay, what was in the mayo again? Olive oil, lemon juice, and an egg. Okay, that's not bad. Fish, good for you, tortillas, nothing bad in there...the cabbage mix, cabbage is good for you! So nothing bad there. Guacamole, all good there. What was in the mayo again? Olive oil and an egg. How is there nothing bad in these?!?!" I just kept looking at all my ingredients that were still on the counter while I ate, over, and over, trying to find something bad for me. But no. All healthy. And all delicious! 

I hope you give these tacos a whirl, they are worth the time and effort! 

Food Log:
Freaking berries
Freaking carrot sticks
More freaking berries and carrot sticks
A few almonds
Like 5 fish tacos :)

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